Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Recycle Your Batteries!! (All of them)

I have been on a journey for a long while to try to find a place that recycles ALL batteries. Most places like Staples or the OfficeMax/OfficeDepot places and Best Buy will do rechargeable ones and some recycling places will dispose of the really hazardous ones like car batteries but not a lot of places do the regular ones.
Located on Arapahoe Ave. north of Pearl St. in Boulder, CO.

However, Batteries Plus will do ANY kind of battery! This includes:
Lithium Ion
Rechargeable (both nimh and nicd)

Cell Phone
Digital and Video Camera
And Laptop Batteries.


Car and Motorcycle Batteries!
 Had enough? There's more! But I actually don't know what other types of batteries there are, but Batteries Plus would take them. This was confirmed by my local Batteries Plus (almost abbreviated BP but I didn't want to confuse anyone between good environmental practices and bad environmental practices....*coughcoughGulfOilSpillcough*). He said that I could bring in  "any battery that I could imagine" but I had to do 2 things:

1). Tape each of the contacts with any kind of tape.
2). Separate the different types from each other in pint or gallon ziploc bags. (I wonder if I could use paper bags since those are recyclable...But either way that's a lot less waste than a bunch of tiny containers of toxic chemicals!).

So...Peloton watch out! I'm comin' for your batteries!

(I don't know about iPods...but maybe I'll find out about that soon.)

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