Monday, April 23, 2012

Honda's Smart Home System - The Future's Future

Wow.  Honda and renewable energy FTW.  Honda is testing out their Smart Home System (HSMS) that controls in-house energy while utilizing energy from solar and water power. It's got a "Smart e-Mix Manager" that reduces CO2 emissions and circulates energy through the home multiple times.  After reading the article, I still don't really understand how it will work but I think the gist here is:

This home is more efficient than your home is, can or will ever be in your lifetime.
This, peeps, is the future of the future..

If they can do THIS then a HSMS house should be a breeze, right? (I know you will agree just to finish this article and get this horrible image out of your retinal memory).

So go!  Read the article!  And be happy and environmental!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Green Pug is More Environmental Than You

Happy Earth Day everyone!  And since I spent the entire day doing wedding invitations and not being particularly earth-friendly, here is Green Pug.  Go Green Pug!

Recycle that newspaper!  Change those CFL's! Gooooooo GreenPUg!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Honda Will Extract Rare Earth Metals from Car Parts to Recycle

Good for them!  Honda Motor Co. has partnered with Japan Metals & Chemicals Co. and will start the world's first mass-production process to extract rare earth metals from used car parts like nickel-metal hydride batteries and recycle them.  Currently, China produces 95% of the global rare earth supplies and have hiked up prices.

This is good for the earth AND good for local economies.  Way to go Japan...stick it to your long-time frenemy!

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