Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'm Proud of My Fellow Pelotonians!

Last night was our annual "Homeowners Budget Ratification Meeting." And boy, it was kind of a throwdown. Residents are not happy that Ecopasses for 2012 are going to be cancelled and some (mostly be and like 3 other houses) about the composting being canceled. I think there might have been some other beefs too, but these are the two that I most care about (since I don't exactly pay HOA fees).  The HOA and Board seemed to have been kinda blind-sided by how many people showed up (over 50) and how many of those were dissatisfied.  Because of this, the budget was reject 31-19. The developers/Board did have 31 votes for all the vacant units they owned but kindly enough, they decided to abstain.

This is really exciting to me because people got together, expressed their views (on both sides) and swayed the masses to reject a budget that probably wasn't ideal for A LOT of the residents. I am motivated now! I am going to get the sustainability going with the help of my new friends from last night. I signed up 13 households interested in composting on top of the 3 or so that I already had. This is going to be awesome! Let's do this people!!!!!!!!!

Even Ruby Rhod is excited! (What? This is one of my coming-of-age, defining pop culture moments!)

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