Monday, April 19, 2010

Way to Go, Big Red!

Big Red gum has made a "revolution" in Gum-Wrapper technology! The "paper" wrapper! And this is a "new-enough" concept that they thought they should "advertise" it. See for yourselves:

Ok, there's a touch of sarcasm there, but really I am proud of them. If I were to write them a letter, it would say:

Dear Big Red,

While I may not have the same enthusiasm for your gum as I did in high school, I will chew you out of respect for your respect for our environment. Keep making a difference!
P.S. Maybe next you can stop having your gum in individual wrappers. It gets stale eventually, anyway.

But, I'm glad that big companies (Wrigley's) are at least trying to do "something." That's where it all starts, isn't it? With a "something." And maybe this way, the "paper" can be composted or recycled. Who knows? The possibilities are endless when only 1 step toward change is made. (I have to keep telling myself that every time I go without a straw or use a ceramic plate.) Just one step at a time.

EDIT: Now with excessive quotation marks added for extra sarcasm!


  1. Hi - thanks for your comment on my blog! I am very interested in your blog....My secret is that I haven't bought ziploc bags in over 2 years because I wash and re-use them constantly. Friends think I'm gross but it seems so wasteful to throw them away! So I keep that info on the down low! Keep up the great work on your blog! Love all the pictures you add!

  2. Brilliant find! I looked for this the other day, but couldn't find it, so I'll keep searching. I did find those candy sticks though - you remember having them as a kid and thinking you were cool because they look like cigarettes? Well, they came in a funky cardboard box, a bit like a matchbox...

  3. It's not revolutionary, nor is it new technology. Most gums have been using paper wrappers for years. You should do some research before you make claims about revolutionary technology. (See Trident, Orbit, etc).

  4. In case some readers are confused or lack the social understanding of sarcastic writing, let me point out that this post is *meant* to be slightly sarcastic. I mean, yes, it is great that Big Red has switched their wrappers from being aluminum to being paper. However, also yes, this is how gum wrappers started in history and a lot are still that way. (Though, with some of them I wonder if there's a bit of plastic in them...). Maybe next times I'll used more "quotes" to make more "blatant" my "sarcasm".

    Thank You.